Fair Play Quartet

Fair Play Quartet is a group which works at the intersection of pop and classical, specialising in performing pop music on string instruments.

Fair Play Quartet has cooperated with Halina Mlynkowa, Smolik, Marika, Gaba Kulka, Kari, Grażyna Łobaszewska, Ewa Błaszczyk and Julia Marcell and other renown artists. The quartet is also associated with several television productions as well as with Warsaw theatres like Studio Buffo and Rampa. The artists gave concerts worldwide – in Germany, China, Slovenia, Qatar and Lithuania, just to mention a few.

They have performed for the personal invitation of eminent public authorities and institutions like the Presidential couple Bronisław and Anna Komorowski, the Emir of Qatar, as well as Polish embassies and institutes worldwide.

Currently, the main live repertoire performed by Fair Play Quartet is “Jackson On Strings”. It’s aimed both for connoisseurs of classical music as well as for fans of pop. “Jackson On Strings” is a show in which the costumes, non-musical effects and interactions with the public all have a significant role to play. The material is composed of Michael Jackson’s most famous hits, in the original arrangements by the quartet’s cellist – Jan Stokłosa. The quartet’s version of “Black or White” made it into the cult Polish Radio 3 music chart.

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