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She started her career in 2002, mostly performing reggae and soul music.

Since then, Marika has released 5 albums which were met with enthusiasm both by the fans and music critics. She was nominated for Fryderyki and SuperJedynki music awards, she also worked in various radio stations and hosted TV shows (incl. The Voice of Poland).

Marika performed at the biggest Polish and international festivals – she represented Poland in the UK, USA, India, Shanghai and Ankara. She shared the stage with Erykah Badu, Macy Gray and many more.

Her latest album “Marta Kosakowska” opens a new chapter in her career, and brings a shift in the artist’s style and image. The LP features many guest artists, including Xxanaxx, Skubas, Buslav and Grubson. The single “A jeśli to ja” appeared on the acclaimed Polish Radio 3 music chart.

Her live performances merge intimate lyrics with electronic music and engaging visuals.

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