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Spinache Live Formusic Management

Composer, producer, vocalist and author of the lyrics. Firmly embedded in the Polish hip hop scene – he was part of Thinkadelic collective, Obóz TA as well as Red & Spinache. At the moment, Spinache performs solo.

His most recent LP, “Reality” consists of 10 rap songs recorded in collaboration with Stan Michalak – reputable bassist, for numerous years a prominent member of Berlin’s music scene. Apart from Stan, the record also features Abel, Gedz and Wuzet.

Recently, Spinache appeared on the LPs of Kortez, Tetris and Gedz.

Spinache’s live performances merge many different styles and genres. His concerts don’t impose anything and unite all the fans that are open for new musical experiments. Through stage elegance, nobility and charisma, Spinache quickly finds the common language with his listeners. His live performances are enriched with stunning visuals and lights which help to create a unique atmosphere.

Justyna Milkiewicz +48 515088176